The law firm „Ademović, Nožica and Partners“ represents interests of local and foreign clients regarding various business and investment projects. We are highly specialized in corporate law, and offer comprehensive legal consultancy services to potential investors which include, but it’s not limited to the following:

  • Establishment of companies and representation offices;
  • Preparation of all necessary acts related to business legal needs;
  • Assisting in implementation of statutory changes;
  • Financial transaction with foreign partners;
  • Consulting and in-depth legal analysis related to mergers and acquisition (due diligence).

The law firm „Ademović, Nožica and Partners“ is specialized for individual branches of industry and provide legal assistance related to investment projects within energy and infrastructure sectors, as well as projects related to intellectual property and pharmaceutical industry. We assist our clients in decision making process with regard to evaluation of project’ success and risks, and follow up with all regulatory requirements related to project implementation (various regulatory permissions).

Additionally, the lawyers of the law firm „Ademović, Nožica and Partners“ are specialized for public-private partnerships which makes the firm unique in the legal market.

Our clients’ interests always come first, from the day one until completion takes place. In case of litigation, our lawyers are known for expertise in the peaceful settlement of dispute such as negotiation and mediation. In any event, we represent interests of our clients with great commitment before the courts instances or in arbitral proceedings.

The law firm „Ademović, Nožica and Partners“ provides advices and responds to frequently asked questions related to taxes that accompany each financial transaction. It includes all types of taxes such as corporate income tax, personal income tax, VAT, customs duty, property tax.

Apart from the legal counseling, we successfully represent interests of our clients in the proceedings initiated before the administrative and judicial bodies.

In the end, the law firm „Ademović, Nožica and Partners“ offers legal services in the field of  labor law, and represent clients in the following legal areas:

  • Labor disputes;
  • Bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings;
  • Divorce disputes;
  • Disputes related to division of property acquired during the term of marriage;
  • Initiation of inheritance proceedings; and
  • Representation in the probate proceedings.


In case of dispute, we represent clients in the civil proceedings.

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