Administrative Law is an area of law to which has not been given enough attention unduly.

However, administrative law is covers wide and varied area of every citizen’s life and legal entity, ranging from record-keeping of parish registers and similar records, via inspection, public utilities and construction affairs, to election process, social security and public procurement affairs.

Therefore, judicial review that is carried out by initiating an administrative dispute over the administration is one of the most important mechanisms for the protection of rights and legal interests of citizens and legal persons, especially those who are unfairly affected by decisions and other actions of the administrative bodies.

The importance of the administrative dispute is twofold. Basically, the role of the administrative dispute is to control the work of administrative bodies, but also to protect the rights of citizens against the state. In addition, administrative procedure in Bosnia and Herzegovina is often burdened by bureaucratic obstacles due to which the ordinary citizen is forced to lengthy administrative procedure in order to exercise or protect his / her rights.

The law firm “Ademovic, Nožica and partners” offers legal services in the area of administrative law, initiates administrative proceedings and represents individuals and legal entities before administrative authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our team is well known by long-term experience in conducting of administrative disputes before the competent cantonal and entity courts and the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In particular, we are highly specialized to conduct administrative procedures and administrative disputes in the areas of:

  • public procurements;
  • work ermits and residence permits for foreigners;
  • obtaining urban and building permits, and assisting with legalization of illegally constructed buildings;
  • release / waiver of the citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the acquisition of citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • electoral law dispustes;
  • business license and permits.

The law firm “Ademovic, Nožica and partners” has established good cooperation with many notary offices who are legally responsible for specific types of legal affairs in the areas of administrative law. We are proud to follow up our clients offering them legal advices on how to achieve goals in their best interest and within the law.